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90Second Health offers health letters tailored to specific populations. Each health letter has a specific focus and recommendations.
Designed for informal caregivers to help them prioritize and care for themselves. Sample topics: Managing stress, Coping with loneliness, Communication skills. Read More
Conçu pour les aidants naturels pour les aider à prioriser et à prendre soin d’eux-mêmes. Exemples de sujets : Gérer le stress, Faire face à la solitude, Compétences en communication. Lire la suite
Designed for nurses, this series prompts nurses to prioritize caring for themselves so that they can care for others. Sample topics: Preparing for your shift, Emotional fatigue, Advocating for patient care. Read More
Designed for parents of children with neurodevelopmental challenges to help them prioritize and care for themselves and their children. Sample topics: Rewarding good behaviour, Active ignoring, Self-compassion. Read More
Designed to meet the needs of busy university students balancing educational, social, work and other commitments. Sample topics: Coping with exam stress, Eating well on the run, and Improving sleep hygiene. Read More
Designed to meet the unique needs of international students studying at universities outside their home countries. Sample topics include: coping with change, loneliness and reverse culture shock. Read More
Designed to support the mental and physical health of patients living with inflammatory bowel disease. Sample topics: Chronic pain and IBD, Genetics of IBD, Medications for IBD. Read More
Designed to help volunteer firefighters protect their health and well-being and prevent cancer with by drawing attention to how their work affects their health. Sample topics: Forming decontamination habits, Fighting fatigue, Inspecting your turnout gear. Read More

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What we offer

Why Choose 90Second Health?

Commitment to Privacy

We will safeguard any personal information and will not share or sell information to any third party, nor will we try to sell anything to our subscribers.

Access to Data

Organizations will have access to anonymized data of subscribers to help them better understand the health of their stakeholders.

Accurate Information

Subscribers will have access to the latest scientific health information approved by experts.